Startup Weekend Boulder Teams that made it!

Welp, we went from 32 pitches down to 10 teams and that folks, is how the Startup Weekend cookie crumbles. We are super stoked to have some teams on that have already started working on their apps. Here are some insights to give you an idea of what has begun to form here at Startup Weekend Boulder!

Team #1: ColoRoyale: In Colorado we have it all. Gorgeous women, beautiful mountains, the greatest nightlife, and a natural energy that inspires productivity. These guys are here to produce Coloroyale, the clothing line that embodies all things Colorado. Help them kickstart this idea and make Coloroyale a reality by pledging your support at and pre-ordering 1 of 54 limited edition t-shirts.

Website: Twitter: @coloroyale

Team #2: Acess to Justice: They are bringing technology within the legal field to the 21st century, helping to lower cost to the client while helping the lawyer with providing a higher level of quality care. There is also a social aspect being brought in, allowing lawyers to contribute to the system to lower the cost to the consumer, as well as tracking these kind of items. Essentially this is a “Wikipedia for turbo tax in the law field” according to some of the team members. This is somewhat similar to how you choose your lawyer from your bid at Rocket Lawyer, as it will help you profile your lawyer.

Team #3: MyApply TBA!

Team #4: My MT This team is working to fill the gaps in massage therapist schedules. They are connecting therapists with clients and attempting to fill the gap. Whether you are trying to schedule an appointment, read some reviews or work with the therapist beyond their work schedule, My MT is working to fix this gap.

Team #5: Project X Yes, an alluring name and idea, which we are all eagerly awaiting to hear! This team formed from a Startup Weekend Idea: Exercise and customer Development. They are focusing on establishing a market and validating early customers. They want to try and figure out a Startup Weekend Boulder problem, asses, get some inspiration and start to solve it! Stay tuned folks for more information tomorrow on which problem they will be solving.

Team #6: Meal Planning Magic This team is a fascinating one, and something that is on everyone’s mind, even non-parents! They are working on childhood obesity prevention, empowering parents to plan healthy meals on a budget. This will integrate multiple items, including location, budget and desired dietary items. They are looking to pair with local grocery stores in gaining data as well as customer feedback on what is useful or not. Their biggest challenge? Driving customers to them and quering a database of a recipes to integrate into their application.

Team #7: Startup Q This team is a waiting list for your startup. You can build hype for your product by telling people where they are in the waiting list!

Startup Q will allow people sign up for your site with our widget and we tell them where they are in the queue. For your startup, we give you analytics around the people on the list, and let you grant them access slowly to build hype and gather incremental feedback.

Team #8: APIXchange This team is specializing with companies that have a lot of web infrastructure have to spend a lot of time integrating people into their API versus building their API. A couple examples that the team pointed out was SendGrid and Twilio, curious to see if either one of these companies will be integrated by the end of this weekend! The team will essentially certify API community experts to work as a freelancer integrating the company products, empowering them and at the same time, freeing the business to work on product even more so.

Team #9: Lean Startup Team- Talent Management Solution This team is known as the Alchemy Group, LLC, and they are developing a mobile app that will allow users to quickly determine the knowledge, skills and abilities (competencies) required to perform a job or task. The app will speed the adoption of talent management tools that increase workforce engagement and retention for smaller firms.

Team #10: Pet Pulse This team is working on a mobile app of your Pet’s health, essentially a CarFax for your Pet! This will help you keep the most up to date information on your pet no matter where you go, vet, friend, doggie kennel or even your own records!

WOW! Some exciting stuff, super excited to see what comes next here in 24 hours. We will be covering a bit more on each startup soon, so be sure to check back! KEEP CALM AND HACK ON!

**Post originally done on Startup Weekend Boulder

Written on April 27, 2013