AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Last week Google provided us with a Google Hangout reviewing new Enhanced Campaigns Bid Adjustments in AdWords. Why they are launching them? Initially, most people would search from computers, but now we are searching from tablets and phones as well. Lines have blurred for where and when users are initiating a search and what their intent is.

We are now starting to see those changes rolled out to customers, which is really quite exciting both for users as well as our customers. Here are some of the changes we are seeing: BETTER AD PLACEMENT Part of placing ads is considering the time of day. Depending on your business model, you may want to adjust when you are showing these ads and on what devices.

So, using restaurant advertising as an example, you wouldn’t want to have an ad showing to a user that is nearby by your restaurant when you are closed. Instead, you could do a push during slow times, or maybe towards the end of the night, when you feel you need some more business.

This same analogy can be used across industries: for call centers, for example, having your bids running on certain devices only when someone is available to take this call. The difference for this time placement bidding is that you can have different bidding available throughout the day.

One thing to be careful of, though, is that these bid adjustments are multiplicative which means that if you adjust two types of bids by say 20%, they will now be a 40% increase. So, be sure that you do in fact want that much of an increase before you decide that you want to up both mobile and time of day adjustments.

BID ADJUSTMENTS Geo-targeting with Adwords: MapYou can now change your bids on the fly. Woo hoo! If someone is located closer, you may want to pay a bit more for that customer, for example.

On the flip side, we can now change the bids for non-effective users for a lower bid, as they may not convert as well. This is all managed on the “Devices” tabs.

You can also choose to completely opt out of mobile searching completely now, but keep in mind, you should do some research prior to doing this as there is such a large increase in search volume now versus before.

HOW TO OPTIMIZE & BETTER REPORTING Crazy Man With MoneyWithin the Enhanced Campaigns, you now have more opportunity to change the bid from the location aspect, beyond having different campaigns that could potentially compete with one another. You can review this report and see where your conversions are coming from and adjust as necessary. Optimize!

You may want to review your position by city as well, to see where you are ranking. For example, Miami may have a lower position than San Francisco for the same ad and demographic. This will again help you further optimize your campaigns for the best conversions.

Overall, one of the great things about these enhanced campaigns is you can change your bids, placement, and ads to be more effective to your consumers, with a few powerful campaigns rather than many smaller, less effective ones.

Advertisers are now able to reach their users even better, with the most effective time, place, and last but not least, with the appropriate message.

Written on April 16, 2013